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Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl

₹ 85

₹ 95


Minimum Order Quantity is 100 pcs
Maximum Order Quantity is 100000 pcs

Introducing the Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl by DVAI, the perfect blend of tropical indulgence and eco-consciousness. Crafted with care, this innovative bowl is made from upcycled coconut shells, reducing waste and giving them a new purpose.

Feast your senses on a delightful smoothie bowl experience like no other. Each Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl is hand-carved, showcasing the natural beauty of the coconut shell while providing a sturdy and sustainable vessel for your culinary creations.

Designed to elevate your smoothie game, this bowl offers ample space for a generous serving of your favorite smoothie blend. The smooth, polished interior ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, while the unique shape adds a touch of exotic charm to your table.

Embrace the versatility of the Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl as it doubles as an elegant serving dish for other delectable treats such as fresh fruits, granola, or even desserts. It's perfect for home use, cafes, and eco-conscious businesses looking to make a statement.

Indulge guilt-free and nourish your body with nature's goodness. Bring home the Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl by DVAI and embark on a journey of sustainable living while savoring the vibrant flavors of your favorite smoothie creations.

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