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Animal Key Stand

₹ 190

₹ 200


Minimum Order Quantity is 50 pcs
Maximum Order Quantity is 100000 pcs

Introducing the Wooden Animal Key Stand by DVAI – the perfect blend of functionality and charm. This unique key stand is crafted from high-quality wood, designed to keep your keys organized while adding a touch of whimsy to your space.

Each key stand features a delightful animal design, meticulously carved and finished to showcase intricate details. Whether you choose the adorable owl, the playful cat, or the majestic elephant, these wooden animal key stands will bring a smile to your face every time you reach for your keys.

With multiple hooks conveniently placed on each stand, you can easily hang all your keys in one place, eliminating the frustration of misplaced keys. The sturdy construction ensures durability and stability, making it a reliable addition to your home or office.

The Wooden Animal Key Stand is not only practical but also serves as a delightful decorative piece. Its natural wood finish complements any décor style, from modern to rustic, making it an ideal gift for animal lovers or anyone seeking a touch of whimsical elegance.

Don't let your keys wander off again – bring home the Wooden Animal Key Stand by DVAI and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and charm in your daily life.

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